Tadiandamol trek Guide


Just imagine the   wind moving all around you and foreplay your cheeks gently and creating your soul dance with joy and excitement. Its thus soothing that you just may wish to rstay there forever. Though the person falls in need of strength and stamina then the exclusive beauty can inspire them. The pleasure you will get  in place is matchless. These places are just like the gifts of the character and can entertain you with its simplicity and eternal beauty. The cool breeze, gentle sunshine and beautiful sunrise could be a dream to look at and it should return true here.


About the place:

The third highest top is in style for the tourists. it’s adorned with lush Shola forest through the depression. The Nalaknad Palace inbuilt 1792 in the edge of the mountain has historical connection. it  was used as a website to hunt refuge by dufferent rulers during the days of war in the neighbor states. The warriors were led by the mighty mountain to showcase their valiancy and strength that has been  in the pages of Indian History.


Tadiandamol is on a standout in the  pleasant, non industrial peaks, it’s raised to around 1748 m and called the  crest in Coorg locus. The Tadiandamol gives globe-trotters an opportunity to expereince the dazzling vegetation, uncommon mountain flying creatures and wonderful butterflies wave from tree to treek. A bird’s eye view from the peaks is a watch candy for the hikers.The trip take you thru the tremendous unfold of the Shola backwoods. It’s a trek that makes it  increasingly doable for town folks and passionate trekkers and explorers. AN acclaimed chronicled milestone ‘ Nalknad-Palace’ dwells at the lower regions of the mountain.


One of the very best peaks in the Kodagu region, Tadiandamol has been a favorite not only amongst the trekkers however conjointly with the character lovers, bird watchers and exposure enthusiaists. The mountains have withstood the testimony of your time and have galvanized several since yore.


Historical Importance:

The erstwhile rulers of the Kodagu  have drawn humour inspiration from mighty mountain. Trails of their heritage are left behind at Nalknad Palace that is on the brink of 200 year  currently. Tadiandamol contains a wealthy diversity in its flora and fauna harmoniously co-existing in the dense forests and grasslands of the Western Ghats.

Tadiandamol Peak is that the third highest purpose in  providing a beautiful read of the depression  crossing the rambling meadows, water bodies, Shola forest and lush  vegetation. This peak stands at a height of 5735 b feet water level and may be a favorite spot for nature lovers and journey seekers alike. The mountain has stood testimony to the time and has witnessed many incidents each natural and simulated. tho’ scaling one in all the tallest mountain in state isn’t only journey and  offers a good read of the environment and is one in all the famed places to go to in Coorg.


What are you able to notice here:

Trekking on Tadiandamol teaches one to be brave and patient where one observes the bounty of mother nature. collectively starts from the bottom village of Kakkabe the snaking trails are now and then broad and of concrete and now and then muddy and caliche-topped. the joy once the path gets a touch narrower with the sight of dense vegetation, coffe, pepper and alternative spice plantations. you’ll be able to witness and revel in the path gets a touch narrower with the sight of dense vegetation,coffee, pepper and alternative spice plantations. you’ll be able to witness and revel in the sight of vibrant birds and butterflies hear them.


A journey where in you may see that why happinessis so  as a result of the place entertains everything that one wishes to witness in their real life. It’s kind of like a dream come true. the  places you may visit when reaching here are the maximum amount pretty and it’ll unravel all the strain and pressure  inside you. it’ll be like a meditation tour intrinsically journeys which not only cleanses your mind and but also brings on a replacement set of energy inside you which will level up your confidence and increase yur potency and productivity.