Touchless Visitor Management System’s Advanced Features!

To make the office secure and digital, you have to replace the manual system with a touchless visitor management system. During this corona virus era, everything is going to be contactless. Then why are you still using the manual system to manage the visitors at your offices? Is this the right way to secure the visitors from the virus?  This is the digital era, we have to update our system into digital. To reduce the spread of the virus, just implement the touchless visitor management system at your office.

What is Visitor management system?

Touchless visitor management system have emerged to assist people in safe and secure check-ins without even touching the surrounding items. You can handle your guests digitally and without touching them with the touchless visitor management system. Furthermore, these contactless management systems can empower your guests by allowing them to sign in using their own personal devices. This, in turn, would provide high security for both workers and tourists by creating a safe work atmosphere.

Here are some of the advanced features of the touchless visitor management system. Take a look to find out:

Contactless Check-Ins- The contactless visitor management system reduces the spread of the virus. This will enable the visitors to check-in through their own device only with the help of QR codes. Get installed with the systems and offer your visitors the best type of check-in method.

Pre-Invitation- This is an amazing feature. Visitors will conveniently pre-book their invitations with the aid of these management systems. This will save both staff and visitors time, and it will also allow visitors to enter the organisation without worrying about touching something. To secure the office, it is strongly advised to visitors pre-book their invitations before visiting.

Screening-Touchless visitor management solutions will assist companies in educating their employees about the potential symptoms of this pandemic. These management solutions will instruct visitors on how to properly sanitise themselves before entering the location. With the system you can ask the health related questions to the visitors. 

Digital Visitor Badges- Touchless visitor management solutions will help out the visitors to have digital visitor badges. These badges are going to have all the details of the visitors on their devices along with their screening temperature as well. So, go touchless by assigning digital visitor badges to the people entering the organizations.

Contact Tracking- This touchless visitor management system software will allow businesses to easily track down visitors without putting themselves in danger. With the user-friendly interface, the contact tracing system allows both visitors and employees to check-in and check-out by adding their information and capturing a photo.

Alerts:- With this system you can alert the staff, if any infected person arrives in the workplace. This system sends notifications to workers when a visitor arrives to satisfy them and alerts them by sending the guest’s small print to make them aware and take necessary precautionary measures. The Touchless visitor management system allows the worker to approve or deny any visitor’s entry onto the premises.

Hence, these are some of the features of the visitor management system. To reduce the spread of the virus and make your office smart so you should install this system at your companies. Lastly, You will enhance your office productivity and efficiency and this will give visitors a better check-in experience.